9 May, 2023
Carnival for Integration 2023
To disseminate the message of love and integration in the community, encourage students to show more care to their schoolmates and those in need, the Student Support Team organized the Carnival for Integration on 9th May. It consisted of 4 game booths and was targeted at Form 3 students.

Over 100 Form 3 students took part in this meaningful activity. Students were taught to respect one another regardless of race, gender and even learning ability. Various types of games were included, for instance, basketball, golf, and archery. Those who successfully won in the game booths were given small prizes as rewards.

Besides the game zone, an exhibition board and a documentary was shared with students in order to introduce the skills of communicating with others, the way of caring for different schoolmates and showing appreciation for different members of our society, thus enhancing social cohesion.