8 January, 2024
Embarking on the Future with Your Children
On December 17th, our school had the privilege of inviting the renowned musician Mr. Zhao Zengxi for a parental seminar. During the event, Mr. Zhao generously shared his insights on parenting, emphasizing the importance of spending quality time with children, such as dining together, strolling, conversing, and engaging in physical activities. He encouraged parents to understand their children's interests and strengths, helping them discover their own talents and pursue careers they are passionate about. Mr. Zhao drew attention to the role of parents as a supportive presence, providing companionship, recognition, and backing for their children.

He kicked off the seminar by sharing his experience of joining the music industry. Despite facing opposition from his family, he persisted in pursuing a career in the music industry due to his strong interest in music. Even when he encountered a lack of acceptance from superiors at the beginning of his career, he remained determined to gain their recognition and consistently worked hard to improve.

Finally, he introduced a popular music production course he organized for primary and secondary school students, teaching them to create music using iPads. His goal is to nurture new talents in the music industry and inject fresh energy into the field.