30 April, 2024
“Reading for Unlimited FUN” Writer’s Talk and Prize-giving Ceremony Reading Committee
Our team held two captivating activities on 29th April, 2024, a writer’s talk titled “Reading is our Lifelong Companion” by the celebrity writer, Mr Patrick Lam, and the prize-giving ceremony of the “Reading for Unlimited FUN” competition.
The talk was delivered by the esteemed celebrity writer, whose name is widely recognized as “Patrick Sir”. The celebrity writer began his talk by sharing personal experiences that shaped his love for reading. He emphasized how books could transport us to different worlds, broaden our horizons, and cultivate empathy and understanding. The audience was captivated by his passionate words, which resonated deeply with everyone.
Throughout the talk, the celebrity writer highlighted the numerous benefits of reading. He inspired students to make reading a habit and explore various genres to discover their personal preferences.
The session concluded with an interactive Q&A segment, where students enthusiastically posed questions to the celebrity writer. The writer graciously answered each query, offering valuable insights and advice. The audience was highly encouraged and motivated to read widely.
The second activity was the prize-giving ceremony of the “Reading for Unlimited FUN” competition. The event was a celebration of the outstanding achievements, creativity and dedication demonstrated by the participants throughout the competition. The ceremony was filled with excitement, applause, and a profound appreciation for the power of reading. Congratulations to all the winners and participants for their remarkable commitment to reading.