7 March, 2024
News Clipping of“Happy Green School Outstanding Award” presented by HK Electric
HK Electric (港燈) organized a “Happy Green Campaign” in 2022-2023 to encourage schools and students to strive achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Congratulations to the environmental group in our school which received a “Happy Green School Outstanding Award”, rewarding their contribution to our school and community, by holding activities like game booths, site visits, volunteer works and more.

This year we have a group of F.2 students joining the “Green Ambassador Scheme” under the “Happy Green Campaign 2023-2024”. So far they have received four training sections about the environment protection policy carrried out by the government and reusable energy facilities built by HK Electric.

For further information, please refer to the link below.
Publication : Wen Wei Po
Date : 06 Mar 2024
Link : https://www.wenweipo.com/a/202403/06/AP65e77bc7e4b0ad017f0ca534.html