3 February, 2024
PTA One-day Tour
The Parent-Teacher Association organized a one-day tour on 21st January, 2024. The Principal, families and teachers had an enjoyable day with pleasant weather. We started with visiting the Hong Kong Sha Tau Kok Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall (Luo’s House) and learned about the anti-Japanese guerillas. The visitors were very interested in knowing more about Hong Kong’s War of Resistance against Japanese aggressions which is historically important. Then, we headed to a farm nearby and tried to make a traditional Hakka snack – cha-guo. There were also some games to play. Some traditional homemade Hakka snacks were sold too.

We had lunch in a Japanese and Korean restaurant in Tai Po. Many different kinds of food and drinks were served. We all enjoyed a lot of BBQ and hot pot food. After lunch, we visited the Church of the Annunciation in Tsuen Wan. The tour guides introduced the history and design of the church to us. Everyone left with a peaceful heart when the day came to an end.