5 February, 2024
Congratulations to our NCS students for winning “The Cheerful NCS Students’ Chinese Penmanship Calligraphy Competition”
Congratulations to our NCS students for their outstanding performance! NCS students in our school joined “The Cheerful NCS students Chinese Penmanship Calligraphy Competition” (樂文盃非華語學生硬筆書法比賽) in September 2023. The purpose of this activity is to encourage them to read and write more in Chinese, and understand the moral meaning from the passage. The list of winners are as follows:

Champion: Kaur Simranjit (鄧詠詩)1D-12
1st Runner-up: Waqar Warisha (莫至美) 3D-28
2nd Runner-up: Bibi Naima (李妙明) 3D-01