14 December, 2023
Happy Classroom Reward Scheme --“Room Escape Game”
On 24th November 2023, 24 students were invited to join the “Room Escape Game” because of their good performance in the Happy Classroom (快樂教室) Reward Scheme. The purpose of this activity is to let students have different learning experiences besides studying in school and receiving knowledge from textbooks. Participants tried to escape from a locked room by practicing several skills. In order to finish the tasks, they had to look for clues in the room by solving puzzle, calculating. By the end, students finished the game happily and learned a lot from this activity.

It is hoped that our students can develop the skills of creative thinking, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication. We also hope that students can understand that the classroom is not the only place they can learn knowledge but also they can learn different knowledge in daily life and after-school activities.