10 June, 2021
The Harvard Book Prize, Scholarship, and Essay Award Ceremony 2021
The Harvard Book Prize is awarded to outstanding Hong Kong secondary students who have achieved academic excellence, possess exceptional personal qualities, and have made a significant contribution to their school or community. This year, three of our students, Rose Soo Lai Shuen, Carol Chan Ka Lo, and Cherry Lee Yee Ching, were awarded the Harvard Book Prize, in which one of them, Rose Soo was also the winner of the Harvard Book Prize Scholarship. Here is Rose’s sharing about this exciting news after attending the 2021 Harvard Book Prize, Scholarship, and Essay Award Ceremony.

I’m Rose from Class 5A. It is my honour to be one of the four scholarship winners of the 2021 Harvard Book Prize. First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Principal Chu and teachers who nominated me to participate in this meaningful programme. Without their nomination, I could not gain this valuable experience to stand on the stage of the 2021 Harvard Book Prize, Scholarship, and Essay Award Ceremony. Additionally, I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the encouragement and support of my parents and friends. Their support is the key to my success. After submitting the essays and having the interviews, I finally received this exciting news of being awarded the scholarship. It was indeed very unbelievable and shocking due to the slim chance, like one in a million. This scholarship really means a lot to me, just like a recognition. It not only let me acknowledge the fact that nothing is impossible if you step out of your comfort zone, but also gave me a huge motivation to carve out a niche for myself. It is a pity that we cannot experience the summer course at Harvard University. However, I will make my best endeavours to study and create more opportunities for myself in the future.