8 March, 2024
2022-2023 Red Cross Youth Award Ceremony
In order to recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of each youth unit in the past year, the Hong Kong Red Cross Youth Development Service organized the “Red Cross Youth Award Ceremony” on 4th February, 2024 to commend the outstanding youth units and members. The ceremony brought together students, parents, teachers, and representatives from the Red Cross, creating an atmosphere of appreciation and encouragement. Our unit, YU74, has performed outstandingly in the past year and was awarded the Kwun Tong East District Championship in the Territory-wide Unit of the Year Competition. In addition, two team members, Kung Ying Ying, a graduate last year, and Chung Suen Yu from 6G, have received the Youth Attainment Badge. Chung Suen Yu was also awarded the Hong Kong Red Cross Youth’s Outstanding Member. The award ceremony not only acknowledged the outstanding achievements of our students, but also reinforced the values of compassion, empathy, and service among the school community.