Free food with Warmth

On 30 March, nearly 20 students from Catholic Society and Civic Education Team volunteered to help Ming Gor (Chan Cheuk Ming) to ............

Dinner gathering

On 1 April 2019, Principal Chu and Miss Yiu joined the dinner gathering organised by the National Central University and ............

Putonghua poetry radio drama competition (finals)

Have you ever been a radio announcer? This year, our students entered the finals of the Putonghua poetry radio drama competition ...........

Educational tour in Tai Kwun with NCS and local students

Life as a NCS students was so much fun, I understand this concept now. On the 20th March (Wednesday), all NCS students went to ...........

The Sixth Meeting of the Peer Mentoring Programme

The sixth meeting was held on 28 March 2019. The aim of this meeting was to enhance...........

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Announcements 2018-2019

傳媒報導 - 公教報(2018.11.25)

傳媒報導 - 公教報(2018.11.11)


Upcoming Events

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5/04: 清明節

12~22/04: 復活節假期

19/04: 耶穌受難日

20/04: 耶穌受難日翌日

21/04: 復活節

24/04: 派發成績表

29~30/04: 中三級 TSA(口試)

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