A Talk about the Value of Life 13.06.2017

A talk about the value of life was held on 13th July, 2017 in the school hall. A social worker, Miss Kwok Ka Ling from Caritas Jockey Club Integrated......

Graduation Ceremony 02.06.2017

The graduation ceremony was held on 2 June, 2017 in the school hall. Honourable guests, Supervisor Wong, Principal Li, teachers......

The Aesthetic Night 12.05.2017

The Aesthetic Night was held in the school hall on 12th May, 2017. Students from different forms showcased their talents in......

Music Concert 08.05.2017

Sponsored by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, we had the honour to invite Bel Canto Singers to perform in our school hall......

Joint School Chinese Writing Programme 27.04.2017

A Taiwan famous writer, Professor Chong Yee-Voon, was invited to Hong Kong to share her views on Chinese prose......

F5 Taster programme at local tertiary institution 26.04.2017

On 26th April, 2017, the Careers Guidance Team of our school organized the activity ‘Taster programme at HKDI’. The F5 girls were......

Giving Bread to the Needy 08.04.2017

On Saturday morning 8th April, I joined a meaningful and inspiring activity called “Giving Bread to the Needy” held......


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Announcements 2016-2017

Third Term Examination 19.06.2017

中六JUPAS 講座 2016-17


表揚同學路不拾遺善行 2015-16

預防傳染病措施 5.2.2016

嚴寒天氣下有關校服的安排 25.1.2016

中三選科家長講座 2015/16




Upcoming Events

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Jun 01: Start of Summer Timetable

Jun 02: Graduation Ceremony (S.6)

Jun 05: Inventing le Louvre - From
              Palace to Museum over
              800 Years
(Art Education/
              History and Culture)

Jun 09: Cafe Imagine Working
              Experience in Restaurant
              (Tourism and Hospitality

Jun 12: VBH Studio 2017
              (Art Education/History
              and Culture)

Jun 12-13: Business-School
                   Partnership Programme
                   2016-2017 (Pet Elements)
                   (Careers Guidance Team)

Jun 15-16: Business-School
                   Partnership Programme
                   2016-2017 (Junior
                   Chamber International
Hong Kong) (Careers
Guidance Team)

Jun 17: Visit to ITE HONG KONG
              (Tourism and Hospitality

Jun 19-30: 3rd Term Examination

Jun 20-21: S.3 TSA

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