Religious Assembly: F.2「方濟馴狼」7-5-2018

Guest: 伍維烈修士 Brother William Wei Lit Ng, OFM 伍允恆執事 Friar Deacon Pio Ng Wan Hang, OFM ...........

Catholic Diocesan Secondary Schools Pilgrimage Tour 24-3-2018

On 24th March, Katso students participated in a pilgrimage tour organized by the Religious Education Committee ........

The 54th Schools Dance Festival 27.2.2018

On the 27th Feb, Ours School Dance Team got an A Grade Award in The 54th Schools Dance Festival...........

Staff Development Day 5.3.2018

The Staff Development Day on 5th March, 2018 was held in the school hall and the library. There were three sessions on that day......

Praying for the F.6 students (28/2/2018)

Fr. Philip Chang Tak Hung led all teachers and students in prayer for F.6 girls in the assembly on 28th February. .........


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嚴寒天氣下有關校服的安排 2017-2018


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預防傳染病措施 5.2.2017

中三選科家長講座 2015/16




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June 4 Start of Summer Timetable
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June 13 Staff Development
June 18 Tuen Ng Festival
June 19,20 S3 TSA

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