The first staff development day 27.10.2017

The first staff development day was held on 27th October, 2017 at Fanling Kau Yan College, which is renowned for adopting the self-regulated ..........

A talk on reading and writing 26.10.2017

Our library team organized a talk on reading and writing on the 26th October, 2017. We were honored to have invited Ms Zita Law, who is.........

St. Antonius Girls・ College 45th Anniversary Mass 18.10.2017

St. Antonius Girls’ College 45th Anniversary Mass We welcomed Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong,Cardinal John Tong and his clergy to St. Antonius ........

The procession of our lady 11.10.2017

The Procession of Our Lady was held on 11th October, 2017.........

National Identity 10.10.2017

On the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the People・s Republic of China, the whole school gathered in the playground in the afternoon........

The 18th PTA Annual General Meeting 30.09.2017

The 18th Annual General Meeting of the Parents・ and Teachers・ Association was held on 30th September in the school hall. ........

School Assembly 20.09.2017

On 20th September, 2017, School Liaison Officer (Secondary) of the Police Community Relations Office of Kwun Tong Division, ........

The School Re-opening Ceremony 01.09.2017

Students were excited about coming back to school on 1st September after the summer holidays. They assembled in the hall for the school ........

The Staff Development Day 19.06.2017

The Staff Development Day was held at school on 19th June, 2017. All teachers attended a meeting in the morning and a workshop in the afternoon.......

A Talk about the Value of Life 13.06.2017

A talk about the value of life was held on 13th July, 2017 in the school hall. A social worker, Miss Kwok Ka Ling from Caritas Jockey Club Integrated......

Graduation Ceremony 02.06.2017

The graduation ceremony was held on 2 June, 2017 in the school hall. Honourable guests, Supervisor Wong, Principal Li, teachers......


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Nov 4 Life Buddy Mentorship Scheme 2017-18 Kick-off Ceremony
Nov 4 Kwun Tong Junior Police Call Fight Crime and Racial Harmony Healthy Run 2017


1st Term Examination (9 days)


Business School Partnership Programme: Junior Chamber International Hong Kong
Nov24 School Picnic

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