Mar 02 Last School Day (S.6)
Mar 5~15 2nd Term Examination (9 days)
Mar 5 Staff Development
Mar 6 General Meeting
Mar 27~Apr 7 Easter Holidays (12 days)
Feb 01-02 HK Catholic Diocesan Secondary Schools Joint Athletics Meet
Feb 03 Life Buddies Mentor Scheme(First Meeting)
Feb 05 F4 Industry Visits
Feb 05 The Wharf Hong Kong Secondary School Art Competition 2017-2018
Feb 05 Ming Pao Outstanding Student Reporter Study Tour(Macau)
Feb 05 The Wharf Hong Kong Secondary School Art Competition 2017-2018
Feb 12~24 Lunar New Year Holidays(13days)
Feb 28 Prayer Gathering
Jan 01 Dance A-Life
Jan 05 Literary Walking
Jan 05 Visit to CLP Power Low Carbon Energy Education Centre
Jan 10 Exhibition of Student Visual Arts Work(2017-2018)
Jan 12 Watching Drama : Troupe on Board
Jan 13 Community Youth Club Flag Selling
Jan 13 Winter Precation continues to gather momentum
Jan 14 Prefect Changemaker Training Programme
Jan 15 "Drawing with No Bounds" International Drawing Competition
Jan 19 Joint School Chinese Writing Programme ˘w Meet the Arthur: Hu Ching-Fang"
Jan 23 Briefing session of the Scheme for Admission to Mainland Higher Education Institutions for 2018
Jan 23 Creative Media and Design Workshop
Jan 24-Mar 30 ICAC Drama Review Competition
Jan 24-26 Ming Pao Outstanding Student Reporter Study Tour
Jan 25 Outstanding Visual Art Student Awards
Jan 30 Annual Parade 2018 and 40th Anniversary
Dec 01 Joint-School Oral Practice(2017-12-01)
Dec 02 The 33rd Sing Tao Inter-School Debating Competition
Dec 02 2017-2018 Inter-School Volleyball Competition
Dec 02 Open Day 2017
Dec 02 Disney's Hospitality in Practice
Dec 04 Disney's Foundations of Career Success
Dec 04 Ng Teng Fong Scholarships 2017
Dec 05 High School Invitational - Girls 4x100 Relay
Dec 05 High School Geography Fieldwork Programme
Dec 07 Education Corner Creative Workshop of Business fo Design Week
Dec 09 KTJPC Award Presentation Ceremony and NEC Students Fight Crime BBQ Fun Day
Dec 09 Flag Selling
Dec 09 Information Day for Buddhist Chi King Primary School
Dec 09 Vigorously small pioneer Day Camp
Dec 09-30 Student Leadership Taster Programme
Dec 09 ApL Scholarship 2016/17 Award Ceremony
Dec 12 Musical Drama "Undestined Sail" Pre-show Workshop
Dec 12 ApL Scholarship 2016/17 Award Ceremony
Dec 12 Troupe on board Pre-performance Talk and Tap Dance Performance
Dec 13 Perent-child planting Competition
Dec 15 Business-school Partnership Programme - Visit to Cathay City
Dec 15 Girls Guides Christmas Holiday Camp
Dec 18 ICAC Interactive Drama Programme
Dec 19 Career Talk of Hang Seng Management
Dec 27-31 Mainland Exchange Programme for Student Leaders (2017-2018)
Nov 03 Hong Kong Secondary School 8th Healthy Life Drawing Competition
Nov 04 Life Buddy Mentorship Scheme 2017-18 Kick-off Ceremony
Nov 04 KTDIST Holds JPC fight crime run
Nov 05 Caritas Charity Bazaar
Nov 05 Student Ambassador Programme: Green Walk Hong Kong
Nov 16 21st Ming Pao Daily News Reporters Programme Campus
Nov 16 Ming Pao Writers Training Programme
Nov 18 Environmental Ambassador Outdoor Activities
Nov 18 Workshop: Creative Adverisement in 30 seconds
Nov 18 JA International Trade Workshop
Nov 18 Teentalk 2017
Nov 19 The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association Annual Parade
Nov 20-21 Business School Partnership Progreamme: Junior Chamber International Hong Kong
Nov 22 "Confucius: 63 Revisited" Drama Workshop
Nov 25 Visit Elderly Center
Nov 25 Life Buddies Mentor Scheme (First Meeting)
Nov 25 AFS Intecultural Fair
Nov 25 Briefing session for the Mainland Exchange Programme for Student Leaders(2017-2018)
Nov 26 The Twelfth Speaking Contest 1718
Nov 26 High School EXPO 2017
Nov 28 Joint-School Oral Practice(2017-11-28)
Nov 28 Workshop for Hotel Expert
Nov 30 Sound Of Singers
Oct 04-11 Inter-School Swimming Competition
Oct 07-08 Business-School Partnership Programme-Canon
Oct 10 Visit to CYC kindergarten
Oct 10 Hotel Internal opersation sightseeing workshop
Oct 10 -Dec 9 Good Residents Lender Training Program
Oct 10 ˇuDesignXcelˇvJoint-School Design Exhibition in Hong Kong Guide Tour
Oct 10-11 Business School Partnership Scheme: Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Oct 11-Dec 06 Environmental Protection Ambassador Scheme
Oct 13 2017-2018 Kwun Tong Fire Safely Magnet sticker Design Competition
Oct 14 Interview for the Mainland Exchange Programme for Student Leaders(2017-2018)
Oct 15 Catholic Scout Guild School Re-opens Mass
Oct 16-Dec 03 Inter-School Badminton Competition
Oct 20-22 Business School Partnership Programme: ECCO shoes
Oct 21 Flag Selling
Oct 25-27 Business School Partnership Programme:Yan Chai Hospital Wing Lung Kindergarten / Child Care Centre
Oct 29 Student Ambassador Programme: Green WALK Hong Kong
Oct 31 Joint-School Oral Practice
Oct 31 International Social Service Hong Kong Branch "60thAnniversary Logo Design Competition"
Oct 31 PaperOne TM Express My Blessing Red Pocket Creative Design Competition
Sep 01 School Re-opens
Sep 02-16 Hong Kong Red Cross : Red Cross Youth of the Year 2017
Sep 09 Prefect Lender Training Workshop 2017-18
Sep 16 HKAHC Invitational Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament
Sep 23 2017-18 Building Safety Pioneer Programme : Training camp
Sep 26 Kwun Tong Community Youth Club Prize Presentation Ceremony and Annual General Meeting
Sep 30- Dec 20 Inter-School Volleyball Competition
Sep 30 Comic Drawing Competition 2017