Aug 06 The Adventure-Ship training Programs
Aug 09- 11 MingPao Student Reporter Summer Internship Programs
Aug 15-18 Junior Police Call Fight Crime Summer Camp 2017
Jul 03-06 CUHK Change-maker Camp 2017
Jul 04-07 Business-school Partnership Programme 2016-17:Chun Wo
Jul 05 Award Presentation Ceremony of "Award of Hong Kong Futre Leader"2017
Jul 07 Post-Examination Activities : Cross-Level debating competition
Jul 07-11 Practicum news interveiwing programme :Hong Kong Book Fair
Jul 07 The Hong Kong Youth painting and calligraphy Competition
Jul 07-09 Gospel Camp
Jul 10 PuTongHua Theatrical Festival
Jul 11 Post-Examination Activities :Debating Competition(F.5)
Jul 14-16 "'Train' For Life's Journeys" Programme 2017
Jul 15 JA youth development programme(Phase 2) :Workplace [email protected]
Jul 16 Prefect Team Annual Meeting
Jul 16 to 5 Aug Study Tour to Australia 2017
Jul 16-30 Militray Summer Camp For Hong Kong Youth 2017
Jul 18-23 Kwum Tong Junior Police :Chinese History and Culture Study Tour(Ningxia, Yinchuan and Xian)
Jul 23-30 2017 Aerospace Science and Technology Study Tour to Beijing and Xian
Jul 24-Aug 30 Study Tour to New Zealand 2017
Jun 01 28th Secondary Students' Best ten books election- Commentary Writing Competition (Senior Section) Commended Prize
Jun 03- Nov 30 JA Mentorship Programme
Jun 05 Visits an Exhibition of "Inventing le Louvre: From Palace to museum over 800 Years "
Jun 06 Contribution to "S-file"
Jun 06 contribution to "Kung Kao Po"
Jun 09 Working Experience in Restaurant
Jun 12-13 Business School Partnership progreamme 2016/17: Pet Elements
Jun 12 Proposal about community 2017
Jun 15-16 Bussiness-school Partnership Programme:Junior Chamber International Hong Kong
Jun 17 Visit to ITE Hong Kong
May 01 Rugby Sevens "Demonstration Class"(Physical Education development)
May 04 Friendly Debating Competition-School Simulation tournament(Moral and Civic Education Team)
May 04 May Fourht Flag Raising Ceremony 2017(Golden Bauhinia Square)(Moral and Civic Education Team)
May 05 Friendly Debating Competition with Choi Hung Estate Catholic Secondary School (Moral and Civic Education Team)
May 05 2017 Inter-School Anti -drug Fashion Design Competition
May 09 visits 1991 Heritage(Tourism and Hospitality Studies)
May 12 Variety Show 2017( Art Education)
May 13 Red Cross selling flag(Hong Kong Red Cross)
May 13 JA international trade Workshop( Social Service Society)
May 19 Restaurant Work experience Workshop( Social Service Society)
May 20 Flag Selling ( Social Service Society)
May 21 Mainland Exchange programme for student Lenders Sharing Talk 2017
May 21 "Study Tour in China" Hong Kong Academic Photo Call Contest 2017
May 21 Kwun Tong West District Youth Drill Competition 2017
May 22 Joint School Oral Practice
May 23 "Believe in love" ECO Bag design competition
May 23-25 Business-School Partnership Programme 2016-17
May 24 The Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition(Regional Finals)
May 25 Menu Design Workshop
May 26 Havard Book Prize Presentation Ceremony 2017
Apr 01 The Catholic Society Pilgrimage - St. Thomas the Apostle Church (Religious Education Team)
Apr 08 Love Service in Lent (Religious Education Team)
Apr (11-15) Study Tour to Bejing (Tourism and Hospitality Studies)
Apr (12-22) Easter Holidays
Apr (17-21) Mainland Exchange Programme for Student Leaders (2017)(Moral and Civic Education Team)
Apr (25,26) S.3 TSA (Oral)
Apr 26 F.5 Taster Programme at HKDI (Careers Guidance Team)
Apr 27 Musical Appreciation - The Legend of Zhang Baozai (Art Education/History and Culture)
Apr 28 Coffee Culture and Production (Tourism and Hospitality Studies)
Apr 29 2017 Science Assessment Test (Integrated Science Department)
Mar 02 The Legend of Zhang Baozai Pre-performance Talk and Performance (Art Education/History and Culture)
Mar 03 Last School Day (S.6)
Mar 11 Inter-School Volleyball Competition 2016-2017 (OLE)
Mar (14-24) 2nd Term Examination
Mar 14 Staff Development
Feb 03 The Wharf Hong Kong Secondary School Art Competition (Visual Arts)
Feb 05 Red Cross Youth First Aid Competition 2016-2017 (Hong Kong Red Cross)
Feb (06-18) S.6 Mock Examination
Feb 08 53rd Schools Dance Festival (School Dance Team)
Feb 11 Interview for Mainland Exchange Programme for Student Leaders 2017 (Moral and Civic Education Team)
Feb 11 The Catholic Society Pilgrimage (Religious Education Team)
Feb 18 Sharing Session of the Mainland Exchange Programme 2016 (Moral and Civic Education Team)
Feb 20 Hotel Kitchen and Pastry Making (Tourism and Hospitality Studies)
Feb 25 "Literary Giant. Eminent Writer" Creative Writing Competition (OLE)
Feb 28 Table Manners and Hotel Visit Workshop (Tourism and Hospitality Studies)
Jan 03 Front Office Operations (Tourism and Hospitality Studies)
Jan 04 Restaurant Service and Cocktail Production (Tourism and Hospitality Studies)
Jan 07 Mini Movie Workshop2 (Careers Guidance Team)
Jan 07 Study Tour to Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum (Tourism and Hospitality Studies)
Jan (09-10) Two Day Field Study Course Programme (Geography)
Jan 12 Working Experience in Hotel (Tourism and Hospitality Studies)
Jan 14 Chinese Writing Seminar (Chinese Department)
Jan 17 Feast Day of St. Antonius
Jan 19 High Court Visit Programme (Careers Guidance Team)
Jan 20 Coffee Culture and Production (Tourism and Hospitality Studies)
Jan 21 Catholic Society Leadership Katso Committee Workshop (Religious Education Team)
Jan 23 Working Experience in Ocean Park (Tourism and Hospitality Studies)
Jan-23 to Feb-04 Lunar New Year Holidays
Jan 24 Disney's Hospitality in Practice (Tourism and Hospitality Studies)
Dec 03 School Open Day
Dec (05,06,08) Cheerleading Practice (House Committee)
Dec 07 Feast Day of Immaculate Conception
Dec 09 School Picnic
Dec 11 Parents' Day
Dec (13,14) Cheerleading Practice (House Committee)
Dec 15 Athletic Meet
Dec 20 Christmas Celebration
Dec 21-Jan 02 Christmas and New Year Holidays
Nov (4,28,30) Cheerleading Practice (House Committee)
Nov 14 Staff Development
Nov 27 Organic Corn Festival (Horticulture Club)
Oct 07 F.1 Camp (Counseling Team)
Oct 07 Life Buddies Mentoring Portal Scheme (Careers Guidance Team)
Oct 08 JA Success Skills Workshop (Careers Guidance Team)
Oct 14 Prop Story, the Musical (Art Education)
Oct 15 HKBU Seed Project InnoAction One Day Tour (ARTV)
Oct 15 Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award (Careers Guidance Team)
Oct (15-29) Certificate in Creative Film Production (ARTV)
Oct 16 Visit to Organic Farm (Horticulture Club)
Oct 21 The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong Programme Sharing Session (Careers Guidance Team)
Oct 24 Building Safety Pioneers 2016-2017 (Careers Guidance Team)
Oct (17,21,24) Cheerleading Practice (House Committee)
Oct (28,29,31) Cheerleading Practice (House Committee)
Sep 01 School Re-opens
Sep 03 Prefect Training (Discipline Team)
Sep 07 One Day Field Study Course Programme (Geography)
Sep 08 Appreciation Drama - The Art of War (Art Education/History and Culture)
Sep 12 Prayer Gathering