Cross-curricular activity: apm CNY Flea Market 2019
Chinese Creative Writing Workshop
Greening for the chest – Charity Plant Sale
Ocean Park Education Programme: "Connecting Students with Nature through STEAM"


F. 1 Camp
St. Antonius Feast Day Celebration
Visit elderly home (Catholic Team)
Our Gratitude for and Remembrance of the Most Beloved Bishop Michael Yeung Ming-Cheung
The Fourth Meeting of the Peer Mentoring Programme


Parent-child planting competition 2018
Christmas Celebration


Dream Come True Scholarship by Hong Kong Fujian Education Fund


Athletic Meet
“WEDO Global” Tsim Sha Tsui Discovery Tour to South Asians Community
Parents' Day Report
Elderly Services Day
A Glimpse of Literary Central
The Thrilling Workshop of Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel Visit
Mingpao Student Reporter Scheme
Work Experience Programme


Outstanding Girl Guide Award
SAGC debate team won a inter-school debate competition organized by Kwun Tong Outstanding Students' Association
The Information Day of St. Antonius Girls’ College
Environmental Drama
Holiday Farm Field Trip


AFS Intercultural Fair 2018
Community Youth Club - Child Visit
School Picnic
商校伙伴計劃表現優異, 訪問內容獲刊登於本地報章
4D Cheung Ka Wai Jenny has entered the quarterfinal of ‘Audio Book 2019 Competition’ organized by RTHK Radio 1
Religious Assembly – F.1 “We are the lambs of God”
Workshop of coffee making and Latte art
Soinno Design Education
13.09.2018- 19.11.2018
The Third Meeting of the Peer Mentoring Programme
F.1 First Term Study Class organized by the Peer Mentoring Programme
The Second Meeting of the Peer Mentoring Programme
Report on the Book Talk
F6 Multi-Pathway Career Talk
Natiional Identity
Study Tour 2018 The Procession of Our Lady
The 18th Annual General Meeting of the Parent
School assembly – A Discipline Talk offered by the Police Force
Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in St. John the Baptist Parish

English Buddy Programme: Welcoming Party

Creative Art Therapy
Stress Relieving Talk for F6 students
The First Meeting of the Peer Mentoring Programme
visit the Legislative Council Building
Prayer Gathering for a New School Year
Kick-off Ceremony of Life Buddies Scheme 2018/19
F.1 Orientation Day
F.1 Orientation Day
Form 1 Parents’ Talk
The Annual School Closing Ceremony
Staff Development Day
Aesthetic Night
Graduation Ceremony
Religious Assembly: F.2「方濟馴狼」
Catholic Diocesan Secondary Schools Pilgrimage Tour
Staff Development Day
School Report on Day6 Assembly
The 54thSchools Dance Festival
PTA trip
ALiterary Walk in CUHK
St Antonius Feast Day Celebration
We are the lambs of God
Joint School Chinese Writing Programme
A fulfilling day in Elderly Centre
A Dance of life
Christmas Celebration 20.12.2017 45th Anniversary Open Day02.12.2017 The first staff development day27.10.2017
A talk on reading and writing 26.10.2017 The Procession of Our Lady 2017
National Identity10.10.2017 The 18th PTA Annual General Meeting30.09.2017 School Assembly 20.09.2017
45th anniversary thanksgiving mass20.10.2017 School Assembly 20.09.2017 The School Re-opening Ceremony01.09.2017 3rd Staff Development Day 1617 19.06.2017 Graduation Ceremony 02.06.2017
The Aesthetic Night 12.05.2017 Music Concert 08.05.2017 Joint School Chinese Writing Programme 27.04.2017 F5 Taster programme at local tertiary institution 26.04.2017 Giving Bread to the Needy 08.04.2017
Pilgrimage to St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church 01.04.2017 Entering the Sheepfold 29.03.2017 Staff Development Day 14.03.2017 Praying for the F.6 Students 28.02.2017 A Talk on Protecting the Environment 20.02.2017
The Catholic Society Pilgrimage 11.02.2017 53rd Schools Dance Festival 08.02.2017 St Antonius Feast Day Celebration 17.01.2017 Chinese Writing Seminar 14.01.2017 Religious Assembly-We are the Lambs of God 10.01.2017
"Innovating Today, Imagining Tomorrow” Mentorship Program 2016 2016 Harvard Book Prize Scholarship Award Christmas Celebration 20.12.2016 A Talk on Interpersonal Relationships and Stress Management 19.12.2016 Athletic Meet 15.12.2016
APL Scholarship 2015/16 17.12.2016 Parents' Day 11.12.2016 School Picnic 09.12.2016 Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception 07.12.2016 School Open Day 03.12.2016
Catholic Leadership Training Camp 26-27.11.2016 AFS Intercultural Fair 2016 26.11.2016 Staff Development Day 14.11.2016 A Talk about Pressure Management During Examinations 11.11.2016 A Talk on Reading 03.11.2016
The Procession of Our Lady 26.10.2016 School Assembly - National Identity 18.10.2016 Youth Mentoring Scheme, Life Buddies 07.10.2016 A Talk on Achieving Dreams 29.09.2016 The 17th PTA Annual General Meeting 24.09.2016
The Dangers of Involvement in Criminal Activities 21.09.2016 Prayer Gathering 12.09.2016 The School Re-opening Ceremony 01.09.2016 Form 1 Parents' Talk 27.08.2016 Orientation Day 24.08.2016
International Youth Exchange Programme (2016-17) 18-19.07.2016 Study Tours to Australia and New Zealand 17.07.2016 The Annual School Closing Ceremony 15.07.2016 Post Examination Activities-Drama Appreciation 13.07.2016 Peer Mentoring Programme-Training Camp 3-4.07.2016
A Talk about the Olympics Games 08.06.2016 2016.Graduation Ceremony 03.06.2016 High Court Visit Programme 03.06.2016 Taster Programme of Study in Tertiary Institutions 20.05.2016 ”Jubilee of Mercy” Chinese Composition Contest 18.05.2016
Bible Reading Competition for Junior Forms 13-16.05.2016 Career Live 04,12.05.2016 A Talk on How to Deal with Pressure and Negative Emotions 04.05.2016 JA Success Skills Workshop 30.04.2016 Schools Dance Festival Winners' Performance Cum Prize Presentation 30.04.2016
21st Annual Athletic Meet 14.04.2016 Study Tour to Korea 29.03.2016 - 01.04.2016 Staff Development Day 14.03.2016 Praying for the F.6 Students 07.03.2016 Peer Mentoring Programme -Study Class 07.03.2016
A Talk on Reading 2016-02-26 Visiting the Elderly Centre 2016-02-26 Joint School Catholic Camp
A fulfilling day in Elderly Centre 30.01.2016 Environmental Fun Day with St. Antonius Primary School 29.01.2016
Peer Mentoring Programme-Gathering 25.01.2016 One Day Tour ( Tourism and Hospitality Studies/ History and Culture) 23.01.2016 Religious Assembly - Enter into the Sheepfold 19.01.2016 St. Antonius Prayer Gathering 15.01.2016 Visit to The Eastern Community Green Station 11.01.2016
F6 Mock DSE Result Release 11.01.2016 2 Days Tour to Jao Tsung-I Academy 21-22.12.2015 Study Tour to Lingnan 24-27.12.2015 Day Camping with St. Antonius Primary School 19.12.2015 Study Tour to Gold Coast Hotel 18-19.12.2015
Visit to Disneyland 18.12.2015 Christmas Celebration 18.12.2015 We are the Lambs of God 17.12.2015 Parents' Day 13.12.2015 Radio Chinwag Competition 09.12.2015
Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception 08.12.2015 Music Concert 07.12.2015 Leadership Training Camp 4-6.12.2015 Parent-Child Planting Competition 02.12.2015 Catholic Society Leadership Training Camp 28-29.11.2015
AFS Intercultural Fair 2015 28.11.2015 School Picnic 27.11.2015 The Staff Development Day 20.11.2015 Caritas Bazaar 2015.11.08 Assembly - Reading Talk 05.11.2015
School Assembly-National Identity 28.10.2015 The Procession of Our Lady 28.10.2015 Visit to Green Power Environmental Resource Centre 24.10.2015 F4 Career Visit 19.10.2015 Staff Development Day 07.10.2015
A Talk on Stress-Release 30-09-2015 The 17th PTA Annual General Meeting 26-09-2015 The School's Re-opening Mass 11-09-2015 School Assembly 02.09.2015 The School Re-opening Ceremony 01.09.2015
Form 1 Parents' Talk 29.08.2015 F.1 Orientation Day 26.08.2015 Training Camp 13-14.08.2015 Residential Experience Tour and Workshops 30-31.07.2015 My experience in 2015 Positive Strength Youth Election 18.07.2015
Peer Mentoring Programme - Life Journey Centre 17.07.2015 The Annual School Closing Ceremony 13.07.2015 Study Tour to Jao Tsung-I Academy 09-10.07.2015 Pilgrimage to Yim Tin Tsai 08.07.2015 Staff Development Day 06.07.2015
PATH Camp (Guidance & Counselling Team) 04-05.07.2015 Guest Speaker from the Jewish Council 03.07.2015 School Assembly - Extra-curricular Activities Team 11.06.2015 2015 Graduation Ceremony 05.06.2015 One Day Tour to Tai O 30.05.2015
One Day Tour to Sky 100 and YHA 24.05.2015 Our One Day Tour to Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum 23.05.2015 PATH 22.05.2015 Career Live 06,14.05.2015 Bible Reading Competition for Junior Forms 11-13.05.2015
Religious Week-Walk with the Lord 30.04.2015 Visiting The Elderly Centre 17.04.2015 Joint School Catholic Camp
Feast of Saint Joseph 19.03.2015 Athletic Meet 05.03.2015
A Visit to Hang Seng Management College 09.02.2015 A Talk on Self-Protection 23.01.2015 Catholic Society - Elderly Visit 21.01.2015 School Assembly-Teachers Shared Their Favourite Books 14.01.2015 Air Ticketing & Hotel Room Reservations 14.01.2015
We are the Lambs of God 06.01.2015 Diocesan Youth Day 28.12.2014 Being the Boss 25-28.12.2014 Local Study Tour for Tourism and Hospitality Studies 22-23.12.2014 The School Christmas Party 19.12.2014
Parents Day 14.12.2014 Winter Training Camp 12-13.12.2014 Peer Mentoring Programme-Christmas Party 8.12.2014 Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception 8.12.2014 International Food and Fun Fair 7.12.2014
High Court Visit Programme 03.12.2014 School Picnic 28.11.2014 Job Exploration Activity 26.11.2014 Music Concert 24.11.2014 Leadership Training Camp for Catholic Students 22-23.11.2014
Company Visit-Chinese Estates Holdings Limited 21.11.2014 Caritas Bazaar 9.11.2014 School Assembly-Talk on Hong Kong Public Library Services 3.11.2014 Peer Mentoring Programme - Study class 3.11.2014 The Procession of Our Lady 29.10.2014
Religious Assembly-Enter into the Sheepfold 16.10.2014 New English Corner Opens 30.9.2014 A talk on Enneagram of Personality 26.9.2014 School Assembly-Self Compliance 18.9.2014 The School Re-opening Mass 10.9.2014
Staff Development Day 6.9.2014 The School Re-opening Ceremony 1.9.2014 The Annual School Closing Ceremony 16.7.2014 Study Tour to Shaoguan 28-30.6.2014 Staff Development 17.6.2014
School Assembly-Making Good Use of the Summer Holiday 13.6.2014 The 39th Graduation Ceremony 30.5.2014 Pilgrimage to Yim Tin Tsai 15.5.2014 Bible Reading Competition
Elderly Visit 30.4.2014
Lenten Retreat 24.4.2014 Study Tour to Korea 14-17.4.2014 Religious Camp 22-23.4.2014 Cultural Travel to Ping Shan Heritage Trail and HK Wetland Park 1.5.2014 Exploring Education Opportunities in Mainland China 8-9.4.2014
A trip to Lantau Island 5.4.2014 English General Knowledge Quiz 1-3.4.2014 School Assembly-"We are the lambs of
God" 28.3.28
Visit to HKMA Information Centre 7.3.2014 School Mass 6.3.2014
School Mass 6.3.2014 School Assembly-An Inspiring Book Sharing 26.02.2014 Chinese Drama Workshop 24.2.2014 Exploration in Hotel Industry-Food and Beverage Operation 10.2.2014 Community Care Fund-After-school Care Pilot Scheme 2013-2014
A Cultural and Historical Trip in Hong Kong 17.1.2014

Athletic Meet 16.1.2014


Cultural Travel for HK 30.12.2013 Culture and Geological Trip to Hunan Zhangjiajie 21-25.12.2013 Historical and Cultural Pilgrimage for Macau 16.12.2013
Visit to MSL Nutritional Diet Centre 27.11.2013 Closing Ceremony of the Year of Faith 24.11.2013 Catholic Leadership Training Camp
2 3-24.11.2013
Cultural Trip to Kaiping Diaolou 22-23.11.2013 Caritas Bazaar 10.11.2013
The Procession of Our Lady 30.10.2013 School Assembly-Talk on Brain-based Learning 28.10.2013 Workshop for Working in Hotel 25.10.2013 Workshop for Hospitality
School Assembly 9.10.2013
Geological Trip to Sai Kung 5.10.2013 Exploring Education Opportunities in Tai Wan 28.9-1.10.2013 Geological Trip to Zhao Qing 20-21.9.2013 2013-2014 Community Care Fund-After-school Care Pilot Scheme The Staff Development Day 17.9.2013
The 16th PTA Annual General Meeting 14.9.2013 School Assembly 11.9.2013 The School Re-opening Mass 10.9.2013 The School Re-opening Ceremony 2.9.2013 Study Tour 2012-2013
The Annual School Closing Ceremony 17.7.2013 Talking History of Wonton Noodles 10.7.2013 Staff Development Day 8.7.2013 Gospel Camp 4-6.7.2013 Study Tour to Malaysia 30.6-3.7.2013
School Assembly-Yes School Tour 13.6.2013 School Assembly 4.6.2013 The Graduation Ceremony 2012-2013 Exploring Education Opportunities in Mainland China 16-17.5.2013 Visit to Travel Agency (EGL) 15.5.2013
Bible Reading Competition for Junior Forms 13-15.5.2013 Catholic Church Lenten Campaign 11.5.2013 Aesthetic Night 10.5.2013 Reading to Sharing 7.5.2013 Rosary Prayer Gathering 4.5.2013
PTA-Chinese Tea Class 27.4.2013 Visit to 1881 Heritage 26.4.2013 Cross-curricular English Fun Day 26.4.2013 'Create Our Own Reading Records!' on World Book Day 23.4.2013 Historical and Cultural Pilgrimage for Macau 20.4.2013
Economic Trip to Shanghai 3-6.4.2013 Religious Camp 1-2.4.2013 Geological Trip to Zhao Qing 28-29.03.2013 The Staff Development Day 14.3.2013 School Mass 8.3.2013
St. Francis of Assisi 23.2.2013 PTA Parent-child Cooking Class 23.2.2013 Workshop on Cantonese Opera 22.2.2013 Cross-curricular English Fun Day 6.2.2013 English General Knowledge Quiz 30.1-1.2.2013
49th Schools Dance Festival 28.1.2013 Disney's Foundations of Career Success 25.1.2013 Visit to Cathay Pacific Airways 16.1.2013 PTA Picnic 13.1.2013 Study Tour to Shanghai 27.12-1.1.2013
Christmas Celebration 21.12.2012 School Assembly-Reading to Sharing
The Inauguration of the Year of Faith
Study Tour to Taiwan 13-16.12.2012 Study Tour to Nanjing 13-16.12.2012
AFS Intercultural Fair 10.11.2012 Caritas Bazaar 4.11.2012 中學巡禮 4.11.2012 The 15th PTA Annual General Meeting 27.10.2012 School Assembly-Talk on Brain-based Learning 26.10.2012
The Procession of Our Lady 24.10.2012 Drama Performance 19.10.2012 Elderly Visit
Rosary Prayer Gathering 13.10.2012 School Assembly-Flag Raising 9.10.2012
Thanksgiving Mass for the 40th Anniversary of St Antonius Girls' College 28.9.2012 Visit to Guangzhou
Si Yuan School
School Assembly
School Assembly
The Annual School Closing Ceremony 16.7.2012
Cantonese Opera
"Yes! School Tour 2012" 5.6.2012 The 37th Graduation Ceremony 1.6.2012 School Assembly
Lenten Campaign 2012
Prize Presentation Ceremony 19.5.2012
Hymn Singing Competition (Junior Forms) 17.5.2012 Aesthetic Night
School Assembly
Cross-curricular English Fun Day 20.4.2012 Study Tour to Jinan 31.3-3.4.2012
Staff Development Day 8.3.2012 English General Knowledge Quiz 27-29.2.2012 School Mass 22.2.2012 Parents' Day
Talk About Opera
Elderly Visit
Christmas Celebration 20.12.2011 A Study Trip to Guangzhou on Economic and Technological Development 9-10.12.2011 Athletic Meet
Learning About Poverty in a "Real Life" Setting 16.11.2011
AFS Intercultural Fair 5.11.2011 Rosary Prayer Gathering 29.10.2011 The 14th PTA Annual General Meeting 22.10.2011 The Procession of Our Lady 19.10.2011 School Assembly-Flag Raising Ceremony 7.10.2011
School Assembly
Education Day
School Assembly-How to Make Friends Wisely 20.9.2011 The School Re-opening Mass 14.9.2011 Music Concert
The School Re-opening Ceremony 1.9.2011 Mosaic Workshop
The Annual School Closing Ceremony 11.7.2011 The 33rd Graduation Ceremony 27.5.2011 Aesthetic Night