Workshop of coffee making and Latte Art

5A Lee Wing Ki

ˇ@I am so happy I could take part in the workshop of coffee making and Latte art. This was my first time to join this activity. Before I joined this workshop, I was looking forward to knowing what we will do. On this valuable experience, I learnt about different kinds of coffee beans. In addition, we made various images of Latte art, such as a heart and a swan, by using cream and foamed milk. I had never done it before. It was very difficult to make perfect Latte art, although I tried so many times to do it well. We also made a dessert which is called Serradura, it is very common in Hong Kong, because it is very easy to make. I enjoyed the workshop very much and would consider becoming a barista for my future job. Also, I learned that a coffee maker is called a barista. If you join this activity, you will learn more new skills about coffee making.

5A Lau Lai Man

ˇ@On 25 October(Thursday), we went to the Tsim Sha Tsui YMCA to have two classes on how to make a good latte and how to make a dessert called Serradura. I was delighted that it was my first time to make the dessert with my friends and it was just a piece of cake, everyone can do it by themselves. However, I think one of the difficulties is how to manage the time well when stirring in the cream. Later on, we had a lesson about how to make a good latte. Actually, ˇ¦latteˇ¦ is a word means ˇ¦coffeeˇ¦ in some Western countries and its name comes from Italy. Soon, we had lots of practices about how to make a good latte and we tried to make some patterns on top of the coffee. It was my first time to make patterns and I felt it was difficult for me to strike a balance between coffee and milk, still I enjoyed making it and I drank two cups of it, too. Therefore, I felt so grateful that I could learn how to make a good latte and dessert. I am looking forward to going on the next outing and learning about different topics and learning in a different way.