An advanced leadership training programme

Group A

@@ On 13th February, we had the great pleasure to take part in an advanced leadership training programme which was organized by the school. Through the training, we gained different skills regarding how to be a successful leader. First but foremost, we learned the importance of self-discipline. When we have strong self-discipline, we will not be derelict in our duties but will do our best to meet our obligation to the best of our abilities. Also, we will be more proactive in doing our part so that teammates can learn something, even for participants who have different aspirations. Secondly, we grasped the importance of security ,since the location of the event was dangerous. For instance, we needed to climb up the mountain and take a team photo; while climbing, we probably sustained injuries.Therefore, when we lead an activity, we will discuss safety precautions, in particular, to ensure that the event is high quality, highly inspiring and very safe. In summary, this programme has benefited us a great deal and has made our leadership spirit stronger.


Group B

@@ Throughout the camp in Ma On Shan, we learned a lot about the mining history of Hong Kong. Also, we had a chance to see the actual mining area of Hong Kong. We didn't know HK had natural mine before we attend this tour. Its really amazing.

@@When we talk about the leadership, the camp have a lot of activities which can enhance our leadership skills, in which, the mine hunting activity improved our leadership skills the most. In this activity, we divide our group in different roles, including leader, worker, technicians, etc. We needed to understand all the roles, and corporate with each other. We can understand how to corporate with other better and can understand how group mate felt when our leader do some wrong decisions and how we can work hand in hand to solve our problems facing. That's a really good experience and our leadership skills really enhance a lot.

@@We would like to join when there are other similar events. We can really learn a lot and be a better self.