Working Experience in Restaurant

4A Fung Man Sze, Fanny

¡@¡@In the workshop, I learned a lot of things. The most memorable part was doing the waitress's job and taking the customers¡¦ orders. Normally, when I go to a restaurant, I only have to give my order to the waiter and they will deliver the food to our table. However, when I took over the job of a waitress in the workshop, I learned that the most difficult part of being in that role was to stay patient and polite. On the other hand, I also need to speed up when taking the customers¡¦ orders and delivering food to the tables; to be honest, it is a very hard job. The thing was that we worked in a Western-style restaurant and we didn't have to work in a hurry or in a rush while taking orders, delivering food and doing other duties. Compared to a fast food shop, the pace was much more relaxed.

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