F. 1 Voluntary Work-- Visiting an elderly centre

1B Yaqub Halima Sadia

¡@¡@Recently, my classmates and I went to do some charity work, that is visiting a home for the elderly. It was only a short bus trip there.

¡@¡@ When we arrived, the place was quiet and there was not much happiness. We greeted the elderly bravely and tried to create a good atmosphere. Before the first game started, we first played the ¡§Towel exercise¡¨. We had to follow the instruction of the social worker and imitate her movements. Afterwards, she moved faster and faster. We had a lot of fun doing this exercise. The second game was called ¡§Guess the next number¡¨. The social worker drew a number card and we had to guess if the next number she drew would be bigger or smaller than the original one. A small gift would be given if we made a correct guess.

¡@ ¡@¡@ This was a great experience for me to learn how to get along with the elderly. I will remember this activity as it was very memorable and found the elderly to be lovely. .

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