The Thrilling Workshop of Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel Visit

(28 th November, 2018)

5C Julia Cheng

”@”@ Since I was a child, I always imagined relishing a lunch buffet with my friends. This November, I felt honoured be given a precious opportunity to attend a fascinating hotel workshop which is essential to my learning.

”@”@On the day, we rushed to get onto the shuttle bus after having our school morning lessons. As all of us had empty stomachs---we wished to start enjoying the lunch buffet as soon as possible! After arriving at the Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel, which is situated in Tuen Mun, we all started to revel in eating the lunch buffet. We felt very contented after having this session!

Now returning to the purpose of visiting the hotel---to be informed with some knowledge regarding the hotel. Initially, we visited a connecting room that accessed two rooms but separated by a door. Then, we visited a room which uses ”„Space”¦ as a theme. We were blown away while visiting the unusual furnishings and decorations in it. This particular room was not only were vast but also alluring!

Without realising it, three hours passed and it is time for us to leave. After taking group photos with the spectacular scenery and the glorious Christmas ornaments, we left by shuttle bus.

This outing was a tremendously experience as we can smash the traditional learning method”X-my learning won”¦t be limited to sitting in the classroom, but acquiring knowledge out of the it. Undeniably, it would be an imperative experience in my journey. I will definitely participate in this outing again for next time.

Workshop of Hotel visit Gold Coast Hotel

(28 th November, 2018)

5C Lo Ka Hung

”@”@ It was a great honour to visit the Gold Coast Hotel by attending this workshop. In this workshop, we visited different rooms at the Gold Coast hotel, such as, ordinary rooms and themed rooms. I'm glad we visited the themed rooms with space as the theme. It's like August's room in the movie Wonder.

”@”@As a result of this workshop, I also have a better understanding of the services and facilities provided by the Gold Coast Hotel. For example, the hotel has children's amusement facilities, an outdoor wedding garden, an outdoor swimming pool and even a water skiing ladder.

Unlike the average hotel, the architectural shape of the Gold Coast Hotel is based on the Pyramid as a unique feature.

I have benefited a lot from the workshop, for example, you can experience the feeling of being in a themed room for yourself, which is not available in books or videos. In addition, I think this is also a good way to learn more about the hotel. Therefore, I cherished the opportunity and had a great time.