Thanksgiving workshop report

2D Shirley Lau

ˇ@ˇ@On 24 April 2019, all form 2 students got involved in ˇ§Build up confidenceˇ¨ activities. Amongst all the games, what I liked the most was ˇ§Building Towerˇ¨. Before the game started, the off-school tutor gave us some pokers. Also, she gave us a mission that we needed to use the pokers to build a tower and put a pen on the tower with our groupmates. We could not use any other tools for helping such as using scotch tape to fix it.

ˇ@ˇ@At first, I was very confused. I didnˇ¦t understand the purpose of playing this kind of game and I refused to play. Nevertheless, my groupmates invited me to join them. At the beginning, I often failed. The poker always fell down and I felt discouraged. Finally, because of our team work, we made it and our group got the champion of 2D! In this game, I have learnt that no matter how many failures we have made, as long as we continuously try, we succeed in the end. As long as the road is right, we could not afraid of the long road!

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