Higher Education Informative Study Tour to Shenzhen and Guangzhou

Lo Hoi Yi (5A)

@@An informative study tour held from 11/4 to 12/4 broadened my horizons and helped me find my own path.

@@On the first day, we visited Jinan University and a cashier-free supermarket. Our motherland has now become a cashless country. Using QR codes, consumers can conveniently purchase items without carrying any cash. For me, it was a novel experience to have my first try of cashless payment. Later on, we strolled around the campus of Jinan University and listened to a talk delivered by the students there.

@@On the next day, we visited Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine and the Lingnan Impression Park. I marveled at the magnificent exhibition inside the university demonstrating a variety of different herbal specimens. Also, Lingnan Impression Park deepened my appreciation of Chinese culture as the place conserves the Chinese traditional architectures and handcrafts.

@@It was indeed an eye-opening and enlightening experience for me. I found the trip very rewarding.

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