Soinno Design Education
(13th September to 19th November)


 Our school joined the “SOINNO Design Education” programme, organized by Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University from September to November. This programme aims to provide Design Thinking methodology and a set of interactive tools, which contribute to a constructive and proactive learning environment for senior secondary students. We chose the topic, “Organ Donation” for our study. Through various activities, such as a site visit of Hong Kong Eye Hospital, interviews with stakeholders, logo and product design, S4 Fashion Design and Visual Arts students learned how to develop empathy, cognitive awareness, ideation as well as autonomous learning towards different subjects.

  此計劃旨在提供設計思維方法及互動工具,以締造積極及具建設設性的學習 環境。透過發展學生的同理心、促進不同的觀點、鼓勵意念的誕生,發展認 知意識,並促進對主題的積極解讀,能提升學生自主學習不同課題的能力。