Report on the perseverance talk on 19/2

4A Lee Hang Fun

ˇ@ˇ@ The school invited Mr.Chak Shin Cheng to deliver a speech on perseverance for Form Four students on 19 February . Mr. Cheng is a mountain bike rider who participated in the Asian Mountain Bike Championship on behalf of Hong Kong. When he was an adolescent, he persisted in doing mountain biking, but his teachers and parents opposed it strongly as they thought it was a dangerous activity and not beneficial to his future career. Moreover, the teachers and his parents always compared him with his intelligent and hardworking sister, which made him feel stressed. Although he was under lots of pressure, Mr. Cheng did not give up. Finally, he succeeded. He succeeded as he got back up when he fell. He succeeded as he kept going no matter how hard it was. He succeeded as he pursued his dream even when nobody believed in him. The renowned British playwright William Shakespeare said ˇ¦sweet are the uses of adversityˇ¦ , thereˇ¦s always something good that will happen after you have rolled with the punches. Adversity is manˇ¦s true touchstone, success is dependent on if you choose to give up or to keep on going. The talk impressed me a lot and I benefited a great deal.