Religious Assembly ¡V F.1 ¡§We are the lambs of God¡¨

(19 th November, 2018)

¡@¡@On 19th November, an assembly entitled ¡§We are the lambs of God¡¨ was held by Religious Education Team for our Form 1 students in the school hall. We hope the students learnt more about Catholicism from the assembly and can be lambs of God afterwards

¡@¡@Students had to compete with each other to answer questions. The first part was a ¡§Yes-No¡¨ session. The whole class had to answer some basic Catholic questions by doing the hand sign ¡§yes¡¨ or ¡§no¡¨. The second part was a picture session, where the students had to recognize some altered Catholic pictures. The third part was a listening session, involving the recognition of some Catholic terms after listening to some adapted sound tracks.

¡@¡@These games transmitted a message that although students learnt a lot about Catholicism, they also had to respond with actions. Taking action is very important if we believe in God. Learning at a Catholic school is a kind of invitation from God. Students should be brave and be the lambs of God.