Training Camp (Peer Mentoring Programme)
(28-29/6 2019)

@@@The training camp of the Peer Mentoring Programme was held from 28 June to 29 June. The camp aimed to develop a close bond between the peer counsellors and equip them with the necessary skills like leadership skills and organization skills.

@@ The camp began with some ice-breaking activities so as to let them familiarise themselves with one another. Followed by the ice-breaking activities, some team-building activities were held. In a series of team-building activities, the participants had to cooperate with one another in order to accomplish the tasks. Through those activities, they have developed mutual trust and understanding.

@@ In addition, the participants went through a wide range of activities which aimed to enhance their problem-solving skills. As peer counsellors, being meticulous and resilient are of utmost important since they may come across circumstances which require them to deal with problems promptly.

@@ The camp was a great success. All the participants enjoyed the activities and they found the experiences fruitful and useful. They are all confident in facing the challenges come ahead.

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