Parents Day Report

(9 th December, 2018)

ˇ@ˇ@ Our school Parentsˇ¦ Day was held on 9 December, 2018. Class teachers gave out the report cards to parents. Other than that, class teachers also talked with the parents about studentsˇ¦ academic results as well as performance at both home and school. It was such a good opportunity to communicate with the parents and find out the best way to help with our students.

Also, different talks were held in school on that day. First, the Guidance and Counselling Team arranged a talk about Internet addiction in order to allow the parents to have a better understanding of why their kids are addicted to the Internet. Besides, there was a career talk held by the Careers Guidance Team. It was specially organized for both S3 students and their parents introducing the NSS curriculum and the choice of electives. Last but not least, the SEN team organized a talk about mindfulness in hope that parents could find a way to reduce their anxiety from daily life. It is hoped that students and parents found the Parentsˇ¦ Day useful and resourceful.