F.1 Orientation Day

Guidance and Counselling Team

(28 th August, 2018)

5A Lo Lok Yiu

¡@¡@This year, the first large event for all the form one students, the Orientation Day, took place at the school hall on 28th August to help them be familiar with other classmates and learn about the school¡¦s policies and facilities through some activities. Moreover, it was a good chance for peer counsellors to learn about the form one girls.

¡@¡@The Orientation Day started with the presenters, who were the leaders of the activities, telling the story of an adventure. All the form one girls were adventurers. After listening to the background story, the form one girls began their trip with two ice-breaking games. Firstly, they played ¡§Train Goes Through the Tunnel¡¨. The ones who fell into the ¡§tunnel¡¨ had to introduce herself. The second one was cancelled because of the pressing time. Therefore, they played ¡§Guess Where?¡¨ by recognizing where the photos were taken and stood at the correct area.

¡@¡@The first two games were perfectly finished. All the girls expected the next games. The next games all aimed at collecting tips for the adventure. The first one was ¡§Hand Knot¡¨. They had to untie the knot and return to a big circle, which was really challenging. Second, they played ¡§Word-laying¡¨. Each group of girls needed to corporate and put together some Chinese words instructed by the leader of the adventure. The third one was ¡§Living in the Uninhabitable Island¡¨. Every group needed to find ways to accommodate all the people inside the limited pads. The final game was ¡§Kangaroo Jump¡¨ with some soft pads putting as a road. The form one girls needed to jump and run repeatedly to win this game.

¡@¡@The long hours of activities were followed by the lunch. All the form one girls were already very tired. The peer counsellors ate lunch together with them. While they finished their lunch, they had to discuss how parents could increase their motivation on studies. The peer counsellors invited some girls to present on the stage in the school hall. All the parents paid close attention to their girls¡¦ sharing.

¡@¡@The Orientation Day came to the end after the parents¡¦ talk. Most of the form one girls got an unforgettable experience and were ready for the life at secondary school with their new friends.