Holiday Farm Field Trip

(24 th November, 2018)

  Twelve form two to form four students went to the Holiday Farm in Sheung Shiu on 24th November, 2018. This field trip was such a great success and our students enjoyed the day very much. On that day, we were lucky to have fifteen primary five students from St. Antonius Primary School and the staff from Chinese YMCA Lam Tin centre to join us in this activity. The farm aims to promote green life and environmentally friendly culture. Throughout the day, students were able to experience farming and variety workshops around the farm such as handmade wood accessories and bread making. Students were able to understand the importance of having a green culture and learnt to be a responsible citizen. Other than the great opportunity to learn more about farming and ways to live a green life, this activity has trained our students to be a reliable and accountable person. During the visit, our students served as a big-sister and took good care of the primary school students. They both enjoyed the stay with each other. Last but not least, this activity allowed students to appreciate the little things on earth and raised their awareness about different environmental issues at this natural education interactive farm.