Act of kindness for Lent
Free Food with Warmth

5A Lo Lok Yiu

¡@¡@On 30 March, nearly 20 students from Catholic Society and Civic Education Team volunteered to help Ming Gor (Chan Cheuk Ming) to distribute free food for elderly living alone.

¡@¡@At first, we arrived at Pei Ho Barbecue Restaurant, which is owned by Ming Gor, to divide the work. We were responsible for the estate called Eco-Home for the Senior cum Sunny Green Day Care Centre for the Senior.

¡@¡@Then, each group were guided by a volunteer of Pei Ho Counterparts. While we handed over the delicious food to the elderly, I thought I was giving them affectionate concern. All of the elderly replied us with a smile and said ¡¥Thank you¡¦. Some of the were willing to chat with us.

¡@¡@All in all, I had an unforgettable experience to be in touch with elderly living alone. In fact, most of them feel quite bored and have nothing to do every day. What we can do is to donate necessities to them or join voluntary work. Apart from that, I also found that there are some apartments that provided a good living environment for the elderly, just like the one we visited. However, caring and loving from others is essential for them to live happily. This was a Lent activity, we would be honoring Jesus¡¦ wishes that we perform act of mercy, including giving food to the hungry.

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