English Buddy Programme: Welcoming Party


”@”@ On 28th September, Friday, the F.4&5 English ambassadors had a party where they met their F.1 sisters, whom they have to care for the rest of the school year. A few games were arranged by our teacher-in-charge, Ms Jephson, so that they could warm up. First, they played a game to get to know each other. Holding a piece of paper with an animal's name on it, they tried to find their groups by making their respective animal sounds. After that, they introduced themselves to each other using the questions on the back of the paper. Next, they got into groups according to the color sticker on their papers. Then, they played a game similar to big TV, but instead of guessing a word, students had to guess the adverbs by observing the actions of their groupmates. A lot of students got excited during the game and many warmed up to their groupmates. Lastly, just before the party ended, senior ambassadors and the F.1 students received a folded paper with the names of their ”„little sister”¦ or ”„elder sister”¦ sisters inside it. There was chaos in the hall as everyone tried to find their partner. After getting to know their companion for the rest of the year, students were free to snack on the food and drink provided and call an end to the eventful party. I am sure that the ambassadors will take good care of their respective sisters and spread love and care through the school campus.