Educational tour in Tai Kwun with NCS and local students

4A Malik Aqsa Ayoub Awan

@@ Life as a NCS students was so much fun, I understand this concept now. On the 20th March (Wednesday), all NCS students went to an educational tour with Chinese teacher Ms. S.M. Lai and Mr. W.L. Soon, also two HKEdU student teachers. Each of the NCS students have invited a Chinese schoolmate to accompany with as well.

After traveling with a tour bus, we walked a few steps and arrived the famous Central Police Station, also known as Tai Kwun. It was totally different from the other police stations because it was wide and beautiful. It is a tourist attraction which is full of inspiration, stimulation and enjoyment for all Hong Kong people. It aspires to offer tourists the best heritage and arts experiences. Moreover, it cultivates knowledge and appreciation of contemporary art, performing arts and history in the community.

@@ When we entered, we were given IPads and were told to answer a few questions prepared by Ms. S.M. Lai while having our tour. Form 1 and 2 students were in a group whereas Form 3 and Form 4 students. Each group had two teachers with them and Ms. Lai was in our group (Form 3-4 students). We went to different places in it like the prison, police headquarters, parade ground and so much more. We answered all the questions correctly as well as learned about the history of the places in it. At last, Ms. Lai assigned us to make a video on a special area that we felt was interesting. We then dismissed in the Central MTR station.

@@ It was more like an adventure than an educational tour. We learned about not only the work of police officers in the past, but also history of early 1900s of Hong Kong. We had a remarkable experience. I not only gain some knowledge about the historical place "Tai Kwun" but also learned some new vocabularies. I really hope that the NCS students, including me, will go for another educational and adventurous tour.