Cultural Study Tour to South Korea

Lee Cheuk In, Kris (5A)
Cheng Oi Lam, Julia (5C)

@@This year, I participated in the study tour to Korea on 12 April, which lasted for 4 days. The tour was full of miscellaneous attractions and it enlarged my knowledge and horizons about Korea.

@@On this trip, we all visited the Korea-Chinese Cultural Centre, the National Museum of Korea, the Ewha Womans University, the Gyeongbokgung, the Bukchon Hanok Village, Myeong-dong, and so on. We not only acquired a plethora of extra knowledge, but also could admire the spectacular scenery. Furthermore, we made Kimchi and added sauces on it, which was a treasured opportunity. Among these wondrous tourist attractions, my most favourite place was Myeong-dong. Myeong-dong is a place full of hustle and bustle, which is quite similar to Central in Hong Kong. Apart from shopping and purchasing souvenirs, it broadened our point of view that the cosmetics that sold in Korea has become so incredibly popular with tourists, no matter whether you are Korean or an international visitor. It seems that Myeong-dong has become a must-visit attraction these days!

@@What I have learned on this trip is to look after your personal belongings. In Hong Kong, our parents usually help to take care of our daily necessities, or even our passport during travelling. However, we had to look after all these things ourselves on this trip so as to avoid the loss of property. Additionally, I learnt to take care of my other groupmates. As a responsible groupmate, I learnt to remind others about the meeting times, as well as jotting down notes in order to expand my knowledge. We all definitely benefited a lot on this very valuable trip.

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