Christmas Celebration

(20 th December, 2018)

@@ The school Christmas party was held on 20th December, 2018. It was a wonderful day.

@@The kick-off for the party was the Christmas blackboard design competition. It started early in the morning of that day. Students had to design and decorate the blackboard in their classrooms. The best design of each form received a prize. Santa Claus, angels and Christmas trees were of course very popular among students.

@@After that, the whole school gathered in the hall to pray for the coming of Advent. We sang hymns together to praise our Lord which brought peace to our hearts. Then, there was a prize-giving ceremony. Outstanding students in both academic and non-academic fields were presented with their prizes on stage. We were proud of the girls as it is not easy to win those prizes.

@@Afterwards, there were a variety of performances and games organized by the Student Union. It was then time for a big feast! All students went back to their classrooms to enjoy their food and to spend time playing with their classmates. We had an exciting and joyful Christmas Celebration.

@@We thank God for giving us a wonderful time. Let us celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and may His love bless you and your family.