The first staff development day
The first staff development day was held on 27th October, 2017 at Fanling Kau Yan College, which is renowned for adopting the self-regulated learning approach.

In the morning, we attended an inspiring talk given by Miss Yau Kit Ying, Principal of Fanling Kau Yan College. She shared with us the rationale and the underlying principles behind the implementation of SRL in her school and how she overcame the challenges throughout the years.

After the talk, all the teachers took part in the open classroom session. Through observing the lessons, we had a deeper understanding about the roles of teachers and students in an SRL classroom. The use of cooperative learning strategies provided opportunities for students to interact with their peers through sharing and discussion, greatly enhancing their communication and interpersonal skills. We were also deeply impressed by the keen participation of the students and the lively and dynamic learning atmosphere.

The afternoon session began with a tour of the school campus. A group of polite and presentable student ambassadors showed us around and introduced the history and various facilities of the school. We also visited some classrooms where students did their reflection and preparation seriously. It was followed by a sharing session with students. We chatted happily with students from different forms. They all responded positively to SRL and thought that they benefitted a lot.

All the teachers found the activity useful and practical. We hope to apply what we have learnt in our teaching.