The 18th PTA Annual General Meeting
The 18th Annual General Meeting of the Parents・ and Teachers・ Association was held on 30th September in the school hall.

Before the meeting, Ms Wong Hoi Yung, a registered social worker from Human Empowerment & Achievement Training of Caritas Family Service, was invited to give us a talk about parents・ roles in cultivating students・ positive attitude towards life. Ms Wong made use of games and a video clip to help parents understand the importance of positive comments on children・s feelings and growth. Useful parenting skills, such as how to maintain effective communication and harmonious relationship with children, were also introduced to parents.

After the talk, our Principal, Ms Li Suk Mei, began the ceremony by thanking all parents and teachers for their efforts in fostering home-school cooperation. She also thanked the committee members for organizing various activities such as the annual picnic, cooking and handicraft classes. She hoped that the PTA would continue to promote closer ties between parents and the school.

Following the Principal's speech, the Chairlady of the PTA reported on the activities and programmes organized last year. Then, the Supervisor, Ms Shirley Wong She Lai, presented Certificates of Appreciation to the PTA members to express our gratitude for their service to the school. Prizes sponsored by the PTA were awarded to students in recognition of their outstanding performance in various subjects including Chinese, English, Putonghua as well as in other learning areas.

After the AGM, parents had a valuable opportunity to meet their children's class teachers and the new committee members had their first meeting in the school library to discuss this year's activities and plans for more home-school cooperation.