Staff Development Day

(13 thJune 2018)
ˇ@ˇ@The Staff Development Day was held on 13th June. There were three sessions on that day. To start with, our school invited Mr. Lam Man Fai, who is the chairperson of Hong Kong Qi Gueng Tai Ji Association to hold a physical therapy workshop about stretching and flexibility of the muscles and bones in the hall. Mr. Lam has experience of teaching Tai Ji for more than forty years. In the workshop, he demonstrated how to stretch muscles in order to relieve the neck strain and waist muscle pain. It was a useful workshop, which helped to refresh everyoneˇ¦s mind and enhance both of their physical and mental health. Followed by the physical therapy workshop was a workshop on how to work with parents better in various situations. Elaine Cheung, who is a senior service manager at the Christian Family Service Center raised some cases and certain solutions were discussed by teachers. It aims at building up a close relationship between parents and teachers so that students can enjoy learning with a supportive network inside and outside school.

ˇ@ˇ@In the afternoon, a talk about how to recognize and provide help for the special educational needs students was held by Elaine and Cosmo Fung, who also works at the Christian Family Service Centre. Some interesting and innovative ways were introduced like identifying the needs of students through questions generated by themselves. Another example is asking students to choose a card to represent some of their feelings. Students sometimes are embarrassed and reluctant to share their feelings with others. Therefore, it is easier for teachers to get to know more of their deep feelings through these interactive games.