PTA trip to Sai Kung (21-1-2018)

5A Ho Oi Yi


On 21st February 2018, we participated in a trip organized by the school Parents and Teachers Association. We went to Sai Kung Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park and Yim Tin Tsai.

In the morning, we went to Sai Kung Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park. There is one of the first batches of Marine Parks established in Hong Kong. We were glad to see some marine creatures like the sea cucumber. There were also coral communities in the park, which are famous in terms of species diversity and richness. We learnt that we should not destroy Nature, as it・s God・s creature, in order to preserve important habitats and marine lives in their natural states. After leaving the Park, we had a rich and delicious lunch at a famous seafood restaurant in Sai Kung. We ate fresh seafood such as abalone, shrimp and squid. We had a good time with our parents and teachers.

In the afternoon, we went to Yim Tin Tsai by ferry. Yim Tin Tsai literally means :little salt field; which is a small offshore island in Sai Kung. It was once home to a Hakka community and has been a Catholic village since the 19th century. The villagers were all baptized, hence, it is described as one of the birthplaces of Catholicism in Hong Kong. We had a prayer gathering in the St. Joseph・s Chapel. We prayed to God to grant us peace and harmony in our families. Later, we visited the historical salt fields, where residents once engaged in salt-based work, but now all villagers have been moved out. In 2015, it・s salt fields earned a Unesco distinction for conserving this industrial Hong Kong heritage

We felt satisfied with the trip as we spent a relaxing day with parents and teachers. I think the relationship between parents and teachers has been enriched as we had more communication during the trip. We were pleased that we could see the marine creatures, eat delicious seafood and visit a historical village. By visiting Yim Tin Tsai, I remembered Jesus told us "You are the salt of the earth.; (Matthew 5:13) He is calling us to add fullness and flavor to our life, and to pass it on to others. I hope I can join the trip again with my parents and teachers. Thanks to the tour guides and our school Parents and Teachers Association.