Graduation Ceremony (1 stJune 2018)
The F.6 graduates finally came to the celebration of a critical stage in their life V finishing six-years of secondary education. This is worth celebrating as this signifies the start of a new page of life.

Honourable guests, Supervisor Wong, Principal Li, teachers and parents assembled at the school hall to bring their heartfelt blessings to the F.6 students, wishing them a bright and prosperous future.

We were honoured to invite the alumnus, Dr. Lam Lai Ling, to deliver a speech and the certificates to our graduates. Dr. Lam is currently a lecturer of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature and a member of the Management Committee of Chinese Language Teaching Development Centre at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She emphasized the importance of discovering ones own interests and strengths so as to further develop them as a long-lasting, future career.

Following the Open Day was a dinner to mark the 45th anniversary of the school. Around 380 guests, including both former and current supervisors, principals, vice-principals, teachers and staff, along with alumni of a few decades attended the occasion.

The angelic voices and the vivid dance brought the ceremony to the climax and it was perfectly ended with a video showing different teachers encouraging graduates to overcome any obstacles ahead and giving them sincere reminders.