The Annual School Closing Ceremony

(16 thJuly 2018)
@@In the closing ceremony of the 2017-2018 academic year, our Supervisor and Principal joined with teachers and parents to celebrate the accomplishments of all our students as well as a number of student award recipients. Gifted and talented students galore were presented certificates and trophies which recognised not only outstanding academic performance but also active participation in extracurricular activities. Head prefects, Chairlady of the School Union and House Captains were also awarded for their supreme contribution to our school. The Form 6 students who performed extraordinarily in various subjects in the HKDSE examinations were given prizes at the end of the prize-giving ceremony to appreciate their diligence and success.

@@As this was the last closing ceremony Principal Li led, she acknowledged the superlative efforts and hard work of students and teachers and stressed the importance of goal setting. Finally, she wished everyone a restful and productive summer holiday and hoped to meet all of us in the foreseeable future. On behalf of all students, the Student Union gave flowers and presents to Principal Li, creating a heart-warming scene for the Principal to bid farewell to the school.