Christmas Celebration (20.12.2017)
Our Christmas Celebration was held on 20th December. The day started with The Inter-class Blackboard Design Competition. We enjoyed a green Christmas by drawing colourful pictures on the blackboards to decorate the classrooms.

In the school hall, we first celebrated the liturgy of Advent in which we expressed our joyfulness for the coming of Jesus Christ whom rescued us from our sins. Then, there was a prize-giving ceremony. Outstanding students in both academic and non-academic fields were presented with their prizes on stage. We were proud of the girls and everyone gave them a big hand when their friends were receiving prizes.

The prize-giving ceremony was followed by the performance of the school choir. We were all amazed by how beautifully the members delivered the Christmas songs to us. Then, there were a series of activities held by the Student Union. All the students were excited by the games and activities.

It was then time for a big feast! All students went back to their classrooms to enjoy their food and to spend time playing with their classmates. We had an exciting and joyful Christmas Celebration.