Catholic Society Service(24.1.2018)

4A Lo Hoi Yi


On 16th January 2018, as part of the Catholic Society, my schoolmates and I visited the elderly centre. The aims of this social service were to widen our horizons and to raise our awareness toward social issues. We played games and did paper crafts with the elderly. It was a memorable and meaningful experience.

After participating in several activities, I realized the importance of respecting the elderly and their contribution to the society. Without their efforts, Hong Kong would not become an international city. Therefore, it is vital for us to be concerned about the underprivileged in order to put a brake on the social issues. Moreover, I found that it is joyful to communicate with the elderly as their smiles were fascinating!

Jesus said, ¡§The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.¡¨ (Matthew 20:28) I hope in our daily lives, everyone can spare some time and serve others. Think of ways to give more, instead of receiving more. Serve the ones in need instead of serving your phones and tablets.