Staff Development Day

¡@¡@The Staff Development Day on 5th March, 2018 was held in the school hall and the library. There were three sessions on that day. The day started off with a crisis management exercise in which teachers took the roles of counselling teachers, class teachers of the student who “committed suicide”, classmates, schoolmates, parents, etc. They had to step into the roles and reacted as if it really happened. After the role play, teachers reflected on this experience of crisis management and discussed how they could further improve their management skills.

¡@¡@The second and third sessions were about school development cycles and matters of concerns. Teachers were put in groups to evaluate how each department and functional group addressed matters of concern and what strategies have been applied, and brainstormed other strategies to be used later.

¡@¡@Teachers presented their professional opinions and learnt from the experiences from other departments and functional groups to enhance school development. They all had better insight into the issues discussed.